Thursday, 1 December 2016

Today was our last hockey session. We were so lucky to have Kylie and      to come to PBS and teach us how to play a hockey game and teach us all the rules about hockey. One of the most important rules I remembered was you weren't allowed to put the stick up in the air. Everyone had a wonder sessions with Kylie and       . Thank you Kylie and  of you for wasting
your time and coming to teach us how to play hockey

Friday, 25 November 2016

E Group Reading Follow Up

For the last 2 weeks my reading group has been working on a multimodal reading task that our teacher created for us about pigeons. We had a question that we had to carry through out the whole 2 weeks and that was "are pigeons pests or specail". The whole readign group was split into 4 groups R-E-A-D.  We all had the same task.  We had to research and create DLO's to make an opinion.  My opinion is that I think pigeons are special because they were great helpers during the war.  Without pigeons included in the war many of the soldier would have died.  We had to work calloborativally as a group to get this task done.


Yesterday the yr 8's had hockey with Kylie. First we had to crab a hockey stick and a ball to play with. We had to tried and beat the score we had on  our last hockey session last week by hitting the stick on the ball and tried to make it not fall, last week my score was 72 and yesterday I got 101. We then played a game which you have to tried protect your ball from other people before they hit it outside. Everyone enjoyed working together and defending themself, I was also happy because I beat my score last week wehich means I'm getting better and better.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

E Group Reading Follow Up

For the past few weeks we have been learning about pigeons. We had to used our smart serching skills to find out information about pigeons. I learned a lot like how they risked there lives to send messages in WW1 & 2. This DLO have to be about our group opinion. This DLO was the last DLO for our topic. We have to write our own opinions about if you think pigeons are special or pests. I think pigeons are very special because they saved 194 lives in WW1 & WW2 even though they make a lot of mess like leaving guano on grounds or roof tops which destroys things because of their acidic, and that they cause diseases.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Frist Hockey Session

Image result for hockey stick and ball

Today was our first session of hockey. We played a game called bull rush to warm us up. After playing bull rush, we had to practice some movement that we already practice before so that we can remember what hockey is, and how to play hockey. The new movent we learned today was the traffic light, there were 6 different light we learned today. The first light is green, green is you have to just walk slowly hitting the ball with your hockey stick. And Blue stand for roundabout, you have to walk in cirles,  silver is speed, orange is slow down,  purble is going backwits,  and red is you have to freeze. Everyone enjoyed playing to gether as a team and helping each other out.

Monday, 14 November 2016


This week we started learning about hyperbole. This is a DLO that I created about hyperbole, hyperbole is when your making something look bigger than what it's actually is. This are some facts about hyperbole, and pictures that will make it easier for you to understand what it means.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Godwits / Kuaka

Today for Inqury, Mrs Anderson and the yr 8 were learning about godwits. This is a popplet that I created to see what a godwits is. In this popplet you can learn about how far they can flew, what they eat, where they can find they foods, and other interesting stuff that I found out about Godwits.